Our Deliverables

Viznet is focussed on providing a professional, tailored web development services with the sole purpose of satisfying our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Your success is our success!

Our deliverables can be expressed in four groups:

 Data and Document Management  GIS systems
 Portals and CMS  SugarCRM development


We use proven Open Source technologies, which allows us customizing ready to use solutions, signifficantly reduce implementation time and let us focus on client needs and business benefits.

Viznet Drupal Development Service
Viznet Alfresco Development Service
Viznet Magento Development Service
Viznet SugarCRM Service
Joomla, WordPress
OpenLayers, PostGis, OpenStreetMap

We at Viznet are convinced to use above Open Source technologies, as we belive we can adopt it to develop applications faster, with higher quality components. This is thanks to the four main reasons:

Open source keeps costs down
Open Source usually means free of costs. Almost all Open Source solutions are accessible with free Community license, which lets us drive the overall solution deployment costs down.

Open source improves quality
“The quality of open-source code for development comes because of the number of people who are able to contribute, review and test it. That means it’s a solid piece of code”. Most popular Open Source solutions are very good quality, secure and stable. Large number of experts review and improve it continously.

Open source delivers business agility
Business agility is the ability to react to market demands quickly. Open source provides this to developers and businesses alike by speeding up the pace of software development. Businesses likewise benefit from open source’s ability to let them react quickly.

Open source mitigates business risk
Using Open Source helps reducing dependence on a single or multiple vendors. Vendors come and go, and commercial priorities change, whereas a community’s focus is constant.

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