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Viznet was founded as a development team and contractor of an Oil and Gas industry company, dealing with Seismic data. Over 5 years of cooperation helped us gain a solid expertise in designing and developing geospatial solutions for the purpose of managing and localizing G&G (Geological and Geophysical) objects. If you have a need of creating innovative GIS application or seamlessly integrate a geospatial solution into your organisation, Viznet can be considered as your partner.

As we are an advocate of Open Technologies our solutions are exclusively built with open components and based on the open architecture. We use OpenGeo Suite presented below or separate components, depending on the project needs.

Viznet GIS Development Services


OpenLayers is a pure JavaScript library for displaying map data in most modern web browsers, with no server-side dependencies. It can display map tiles and markers loaded from any source and it is intended to separate map tools from map data so that all the tools can operate on all the data sources.

OpenLayers implements a (still-developing) JavaScript API for building rich web-based geographic applications, similar to the Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth APIs, with one important difference — OpenLayers is Free Software, released under the BSD License, developed for and by the Open Source software community.


GeoServer is an open source software server written in Java that allows users to share and edit geospatial data. It can read from multiple data sources, generate multiple output formats, and communicate using multiple standard protocols. As such, it fits easily into existing infrastructures, providing a communication path between old and new software components.

GeoServer provides an HTTP access method for geospatial objects and queries on those objects. As such, it allows standard web technologies – Javascript, web browsers, scripting languages to work with spatial information in an intelligent way.

GeoServer presents spatial data (tables in a database, files on a hard drive) as feature collections, and allows HTTP clients to perform operations on those collections:

  • Render them to an image, as an attractive cartography product
  • Apply a logical filter to them and retrieve a subset, or a summary
  • Retrieve them in multiple formats (KML, GML, GeoJSON)


GeoWebCache is a Java web application used to cache map tiles coming from a variety of sources. It operates between mapping components (like OpenLayers) and rendering engine in GeoServer and provides great optimization of map image delivery.

Tiled map components generate a large number of parallel requests for map tiles, and the tiles always have the same bounds, so they are prime candidates for caching. GeoWebCache receives tile requests, checks its internal cache to see if it already has a copy of the response, returns it if it does, or delegates to the rendering engine (GeoServer) if it does not.


PostGIS is an open source software component that adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database allowing efficient storage, query, and analysis of location information.

PostGIS follows the Simple Features for SQL specification from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). It “spatially enables” the PostgreSQL so that the database can then be used to store and query spatial data (points, lines and polygons). Some other key characteristics of PostGIS include:

  • Proven reliability and transactional integrity (ACID compliance)
  • Support for common and advanced spatial operations such as geometry creation and conversion, reprojection, buffer, convex hull, generalization, and union
  • Geodetic support for measurements across the globe/dateline
  • Command-line and graphical tools for flexible management

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